90% of well run personal injury claims involving amputation injuries resulting from road traffic accidents, clinical negligence or accidents at work are settled favourably for the injured person.

Those claims which fail usually do so because of poor preparation or faulted analysis of the issues.  A tiny proportion fail because the claimant is not truthful.

Since 1948, when we started these chambers, we have represented thousands of  amputation injury claimants with unparalleled success.

We will work with the best solicitors in England and Wales to construct and settle your claim.   Choosing and managing the right experts, treating you and your family with respect and dealing with the insurers on the other side with integrity and professionalism  is the key to our success.

Contact us and we will  make your claim a success.

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S v EUI Insurance  [2013] representing S aged 31 who received £2.75 million in compensation.  He was a good Samaritan trying to push a broken down car off the road when the Defendant negligently drove into him and crushed his legs.  Both were later amputated.  The compensation covered loss of earnings for life, modern bilateral prosthetics, adapted accommodation and care for life.

V v  MarkerStudy [2012]  Representing a one legged man who worked as a bus driver who lost his other leg in a road traffic accident.  Recovering £1,300,000 in damages.

Winters v Haq [2007] Leicester QBD, acting for the successful Claimant, above the knee amputation in RTA, prosthetic leg, settlement of £700,000. Andrew Ritchie QC


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